Wall Graphics

MAD Graphics can turn any surface into the perfect advertising space for your business with a new range of new Textured Wall Films.

The Textured Wall Film is a revolutionary new product which will stick to most interior and exterior surfaces previously regarded as unusable. Substrates like brick, tile, breeze block and poured concrete can now become the perfect advertising spaces. You can now enable that blank wall inside a public gathering or office to become a visually stimulating graphic environment.

The graphic system is designed for use with digital printed designs, creating clean crisp images and giving the appearance of a painted surface. Textured Wall Film has distinct economical advantages over paint. The film can be worked into mortar joints like grout and cement or cut from the mortar joints to produce a mosaic finish.

Removal of the graphic is quick and easy for short term advertising and can also be over laminated to provide enhanced protection from wear and tear.